Vasa Ski Race

Vasaloppet – Dala tradition with royal history
It was thanks to Gustav Vasa that Sweden became free from Denmark. His revolt against the Danes began with the famous escape on skis in Dalarna, and the rest is history. Since 1922, the Vasaloppet has been run on skis, to celebrate this episode in the country’s history.

Sweden becomes Swedish
The year was 1520 when Gustav Eriksson fled from Danish soldiers towards Norway. He was on a tour of the country to recruit allies to a counter-offensive against the occupying power Denmark. Sweden was ruled during this time by the Danish king Christian II, who, among other things, was behind Stockholm’s massacre.

However, the Swedes preferred peace to getting rid of the Dane, and the young Gustav did not get a hearing. He was on his way to Norway, when two good skiers were sent out to stop him. They had changed and wanted Gustav to lead the uprising against Denmark. In Sälen, they stopped at Gustav Vasa, and made him go the nine miles back to Mora. The uprising succeeded. Sweden became a free country, and Gustav Vasa later became our king.

Vasaloppet and its origins
The Vasaloppet is an internationally famous ski race, the world’s largest of its kind, which takes place on the first Sunday in March every year. The competition has been held since 1922. The distance traveled is 90 kilometers and runs from Berga By in Sälen to Mora. The race was initiated by the mother son Anders Pers, who linked the contemporary interest in skiing with the famous escape from the Danes. From Mora also came the nine-time winner of the Vasaloppet, Nils “Mora-Nisse” Karlsson, who also won several World Championships in cross-country skiing. Read more about the Vasaloppet and its history here.

Vasaloppet today
Today, the Vasaloppet means much more than skiing. In addition to several different variants of ski competitions, bicycle races, running and relays are arranged in several different distances. The various competitions draw a large audience from all over the world, and Vasaloppet is today one of Dalarna’s and Sweden’s strongest brands. Here you can register for all races

The finish line – in sight of the hotel
Mora Hotell & Spa is a stone’s throw from the legendary finish line, where the winners skied to the finish line in the fathers’ footsteps for almost 100 years. If you participate in one of the races and want to be close to rest and spa, you are most welcome to book your accommodation here with us.

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How to arrive

Mora hotell

Here you can see a map of the local area around the hotel, with some interesting locations marked. Don't hesitate to ask us, if you need help finding your way.

0m To the city
1 min To the train
200m Zornmuseum
300m Vasalopp finish line
10,6km Dalahästar Nusnäs
17,6km Tomteland