Outdoor Hiking, leisure bike, trailing, mountainbike & crosscountry-ski

Outdoor: hiking, biking, mountain biking, trailing  & cross-country skiing
Looking for outdoor activities in Mora? We and our partners can offer many different outdoor activities.

We got the largest arena called Vasaloppsarena, the historic trail used during all seasons 90 km prepared for you.

Mora Outdoor
Mora Outdoor shows the opportunities for outdoor life that exist in Mora. Here in Mora, there are excellent opportunities for nature experiences and outdoor life, which we are happy to share with visitors and Mora residents.

Hiking trails and bike paths
Hiking and biking tours are presented to inspire activities. Ski trails and running rounds in Mora are already well visited, known and of such a high standard that they should be used even more. Our nature reserves are hidden resources that we believe can become major future destinations.

For more information, visit http://www.moraoutdoor.se or biking dalarna.se

How to arrive

Mora hotell

Here you can see a map of the local area around the hotel, with some interesting locations marked. Don't hesitate to ask us, if you need help finding your way.

0m To the city
1 min To the train
200m Zornmuseum
300m Vasalopp finish line
10,6km Dalahästar Nusnäs
17,6km Tomteland