Get acquainted with Anders Zorn

Zorngården och Zornmuseet - ordna boende

Get to know Anders Zorn
Anders Leonard Zorn (born in Utmelands By, Mora 1860 and died 1920 in Mora) is one of Sweden’s most famous artists both nationally and internationally. Visit Zorngården and the Zorn Museum here in Mora – read more here.

Anders Zorn – a greatness in Europe
Anders Zorn is best known for his oil paintings of national romantic themes, landscape motifs, nude studies of women from Dalarna, and portrait paintings. He was a popular portrait painter, who painted American presidents, among other things.

Zorn was recognized for his naturalistic painting technique already during his lifetime and was considered one of Europe’s foremost painters in the late 19th century. Zorn was also a very skilled engraver and photographer. Today, Zorn’s works can be found in several museums around the world. The largest collection is at the Zorm Museum.

See how the famous artist and his wife lived
Here in Mora you can also visit Zorngården, where the couple Anders and Emma Zorn lived. The farm was state-of-the-art, and boasted Sweden’s first stainless steel sink and water heater. Over the years, a large number of celebrities of the time visited the couple Zorn’s home. Among others, Prince Eugene, Selma Lagerlöf and Bruno Liljefors.

The artist couple – friends of the hotel
Anders and Emma Zorn often used to take their friends to Mora Hotell, and had a good time here in our salons. For that reason, we have a package we call Zorn Dinner, where you can eat food inspired by the 19th century served in our room The Artist. It was there that the invitations for the artist couple and their friends used to be held.

Do you want accommodation in connection with your visit to the Zorn Museum and Zorngården?
Mora Hotell is only 350 meters from Zorngården and the Zorn Museum. Book a room here with us, and you have walking distance. There is a lot to experience in Mora and in Dalarna. Talk to the staff here at the hotel and we will help you find more interesting activities. Or why not relax in our wonderful spa? Welcome to us at Mora Hotell & Spa!

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