Fulufjället wilderness adventure

Together with Särna Adventures and Mora Hotel, Scandinavian Hiking has created an exclusive adventure in the virgin forest of Fulufjället.

We want you to experience real nature in virgin forest with challenges like snowshoeing in the mountains and activities that you will remember for a lifetime. Cooking over an open fire and real interaction, without phones and with scope for closeness and curiosity.
To listen to the silence, to live authentically and simply in a tent, to be guided and looked after by us, Daniel and Bob.

An exclusive but not least a sustainable adventure.

The natural environment we visit must be preserved for future generations. Therefore, we have made every effort to create as sustainable a product as possible. Mora Hotel is the starting point for this adventure that not only involves good food and drink but allows you to select your train. Practical steps instead of fine words.

Stay at our wilderness camp in the national park – snowshoeing under the stars and by the light of the moon.


Some of the highlights:

Relax and enjoy yourself at the Mora Hotel and Spa. Winter swimming in Lake Siljan included!
Snowshoe hiking with experienced mountain & wilderness guides.
Sleep in cosy tipi tents with stoves, lanterns and reindeer skins.
Learn outdoor cooking over an open fire
Enjoy a sauna under a starry sky
Nature guiding by local guide and mindfulness coach
Experience the silence and the starry sky with the frozen river nearby.
Out of coverage – Digital detox. True encounter with nature and each other.
Off trail – We want to make this experience unique in every possible way!



Day 1

Ice bathing and spa. The adventure begins in Mora

After your journey to Mora, simply check in at the hotel. We recommend arriving on time as dinner and the hotel’s spa are included.

Following your welcome by the hotel staff, you will be accompanied to the hole in the ice in Lake Siljan.

Afterwards, unwind in the hotel spa followed by dinner together.

Recharge together for an unforgettable adventure.

Day 2

To the virgin forest!

Time to leave the hotel and take the minibus towards Fulufjället!

As the road becomes narrower and the forest denser, we approach the car park at Storbron. We put on our snowshoes and hike the last 3.5 km to Björnholmsätern.

On arrival, hot mulled wine awaits and it’s time to hand in phones and other devices. Digital detox!

We raise a toast to two nights disconnected and free in the virgin forest. And those wishing to can bathe in refreshing mountain water followed by a warm sauna tent.

Wilderness life

After the sauna, cooking over an open fire awaits. Together with our guides, you get to make a fire with everything that goes with it. Chop and split firewood and collect kindling material.

We help with preparations for a lovely meal outdoors.

After a long day, you settle into the tipi tent. You sleep in a warm sleeping bag on reindeer skins. The stove spreads a pleasant warmth and you fall asleep to the crackling of the fire.

Day 3

Snowshoeing on the mountain

A new day dawns. After a hearty breakfast, we put on our snowshoes again and hike into the wilderness.

We are out on a varied snowshoe hike through the virgin forest and on the high mountain above the tree line. We prepare lunch outside on an open fire.

Back at Björnholmsätern, we cook a new meal together.

Those who wish to do so can take a sauna.

In the evening, we go on a torchlight hike in search of the Northern Lights. Under the starry sky, we enjoy the silence and tranquility before crawling into our sleeping bags to recap all the day’s experiences.

Day 4

Home from an unforgettable adventure

We enjoy breakfast inside the cabin and when the first rays of the sun reflect on the sparkling blanket of snow, it’s time to bid farewell.

But before we leave Björnholmsätern, we gather around the fire and talk about the experience. What you took with you, what you learned. How you managed without electricity and connectivity and with few encounters other than those with yourselves and the forest.

We fill the water bottle with water from the river. Strap on the snowshoes and head back towards civilisation.

Good to know

About four weeks before departure, we have an online meeting where everyone can have their questions answered.
Transport from Mora to Fulufjället by minibus.
Luxurious hotel breakfast and packed lunch to take with you on the bus journey.
Device-free: Phones are handed in on arrival at the wilderness camp and returned on the return journey.
We will take photographs and record the experience. We will of course share the pictures with you and send them after the weekend.
The food is mainly vegetarian and local.
Management, planning and implementation by two committed and experienced mountain and nature guides.


What is included in the price?
Overnight accommodation at hotel including dinner, spa and winter ice swimming!
Transport from Mora to Fulufjället.
2 experienced guides – Bob the mountain guide and Daniel a local guide and mindfulness coach.
Three-course cooking over an open fire.
Two nights in a tipi tent with reindeer skins and a stove.
A real break from everyday life, the internet and civilisation.
A real adventure!

What is not included in the price?
Travel to and from Mora
Breakfast and lunch on day 1 (the programme starts on arrival at the hotel in Mora from 15:00)
Dinner on day 4 (the programme ends at Mora station at 13:30) but you can choose an extra night at Mora Hotel as an option

Fulufjället National Park, Dalarna, Sweden

Fulufjället is a unique mountain in the Scandinavian mountain world. It is a huge plateau that rises high above the surrounding environment. Up on the mountain it is very flat, but the sides are quite steep. Geologically, Fulufjället is a distinct mountain compared to others along the mountain range. There is much to see and discover for those who are interested!

The landscape is also distinctive. On Fulufjället, the mountain is still covered in a thick carpet of lichen because reindeer are not allowed to graze here.

In addition to its unspoilt nature, Fulufjället is home to the world’s oldest fir ‘Old Tjikko’ and Sweden’s highest waterfall ‘Njupeskär’.


Price from SEK 10,620 per participant with a 10% early-bird discount (normal price SEK 11800:-)


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