Gustav Vasa-Medieval cuisine

695,00 kr 1 day

The dinner begins with a walk to the Vasa Monument to see the cellar where Gustav Vasa hid when he was hunted by Danish jacks or to the Vasa statue at the Vasa race, depending on the weather, opening hours and energy.

He then continued on skis to Norway, but got up and was stopped by talented skiers from here Mora and the first Vasaloppet was completed. Gustav later took up the fight against the Danish king Christian II and won back Sweden from Denmark.

The food consists of party plates, created over an open fire according to medieval recipes. Grease the crumbs and celebrate the historic victory.

Not bookable between v.48-v.9 and v.26-32 and evenings and holidays

Wasa menu 4 dishes

chicory, lemon & amp; farm green

Juicy game stew
turnips, forest mushrooms and lingonberries

2 x Ost
Quince jam, crispbread, fruit


Blueberry soup with dried sponge cake with whipped cream