Timber Sport/Timberland

Try cutting (and possibly annihilating) different branches in Timber sports, handle the chainsaw, ax or saw. Instructors from the Swedish national team in this odd sport are nw your instructors! At least 10 people are required for a booking.

STIHL Timbersports started in the US in 1985, but has its origins in logging competitions in the 19th century. Timbersports is a professional competition series in extreme sports with local, regional, national and international competitions as well as world championships.

Sweden has arranged several Nordic Championships. Senior athletes compete individually in six branches; three with ax, two with chainsaw and one with saw.

The athletes compete in spectacular branches such as Springboard, where it is necessary to split the top of a trunk, two meters above the ground. The Hot Saw branch includes a custom-built chainsaw of about 62 horsepower, with a wobble engine from a jet ski or snowmobile.

The group may try different branches for about three hours. We can do it as a pentathlon, individually or in teams. Anyone can join. The most important thing is that you have fun.

Swedish “Fika” and transport to Orsa are included in this arrangement

Price: 650: – + VAT / participants


We arrange a fun and fun pentathlon with collaborative exercises. Everyone in the team must be involved to complete the exercise. The team gathers points and it all ends with a hunting start. Time required about 2.5 – 3 hours

Price: SEK 500 + VAT / participants (minimum 10 persons)


For larger groups you can also get a timber sport show with the Swedish national team. This arrangement can take up to 80 people.

Price: 20 000: – + VAT

Pröva på olika grenar inom timbersport, där det gäller att var flink med motorsågen, yxan eller sågen. Instruktörer från det svenska landslaget inom denna udda sport är instruktörer. Minst 10 personer krävs för en bokning. Boka här.

STIHL Timbersports startade i USA 1985,  men har sitt ursprung i skogshuggartävlingar på 1800-talet. Timbersports är en professionell tävlingsserie i extremsport med lokala, regionala, nationella och internationella tävlingar samt världsmästerskap.

Sverige har arrangerat flera Nordiska Mästerskap. Senioratleter tävlar individuellt i sex grenar; tre med yxa, två med motorsåg och en med såg.

Atleterna tävlar i spektakulära grenar som bland annat Springboard, där det gäller att klyva toppen på en stam, två meter över marken. Grenen Hot Saw inkluderar en specialbyggd motorsåg på cirka 62 hästkrafter, med en wankelmotor från en jetski eller snöskoter.

Gruppen får prova på olika timbersport-grenar under cirka tre timmar. Vi kan göra det som en femkamp, individuellt eller i lag. Alla kan vara med. Det viktigaste är att man har kul.

Svenskt fika och transport till Orsa ingår i detta arrangemang.

Pris: 650:- + moms/deltagare


4 persons or more

How to arrive

Mora hotell

Here you can see a map of the local area around the hotel, with some interesting locations marked. Don't hesitate to ask us, if you need help finding your way.

0m To the city
1 min To the train
200m Zornmuseum
300m Vasalopp finish line
10,6km Dalahästar Nusnäs
17,6km Tomteland