Long-distance skating with lunch around the campfire on the ice

Enjoy a wonderfully refreshing & harmonious tour on long-distance skating across Saxviken next to the Hotell.

Pre-book long-distance skating here.

This experience is available in three different ways, and can be booked between 10/1 to 15/3.

Alternative 1: Rent an iceskating wagon filled with 50 pairs of skates, instructors and guides included for one full day. Grilled lunch around the campfire on the ice,

Price: 5 000:-


Alternative 2: Every weekend during the outdoor skating season 10th of January to the 15th of March there are skates to rent, even weeks on lake Orsa and uneven at Saxviken.

Price: 50:-/ hour


Alternative 3: Guided tour on snow-free ice at a small pond in the Dalarna forest. You need at least four participants to book this

Price: 275:-/participant inclusive equipment  and a basket of “fika”.


How to arrive

Mora hotell

Here you can see a map of the local area around the hotel, with some interesting locations marked. Don't hesitate to ask us, if you need help finding your way.

0m To the city
30m To the train
200m Zornmuseum
300m Vasalopp finish line
7,6km Dalahästar Nusnäs
14,3km Tomteland