About Mora Hotel

Mora Hotell & Spa is managed by the Lund family since 2018. In the end, we found our home in Mora after living and working all over Europe, but Mora and Dalarna are magical !. Now we have brought with us all love for food, wine and enjoyment of life to Mora because this is the finest place on earth.

The facility is for guests who want to visit Mora and eat and stay on a 4-star premise. Great emphasis and pride is placed on benefiting local area. We like to make Mora’s local inhabitants should proud of Mora Hotell & Spa with its ancient and charming environment.

We have a limited number of parking spaces at the hotel, but we offer the ones we have free of charge to our guests. We also have indoor spaces in our garage with charging options, direct access to the hotel’s rooms and facilities.

Contact us 0250-592650 You can also email: info@morahotell.se

Mora Hotell & Spa informs guests about what Mora is and what activities and attractions are offered. Please ask our staff in the hotel, in the lobby area is an infopoint is established. and the reception is always operand have staff for you 24 hours and 365 days. Look also at the  on the page about activities in Mora.


The  history of  Mora Hotel & Spa

The property was built  in 1830, when Mr Sedwallsson commissioned Mora Gästgiveri, a tavern with five large rooms, a dining room, a lounge and two hotel rooms. In addition to the stables, with a horse-drawn carriage, there was also a liquor factory.

The Inn was later Mora Hotell with 17 rooms. Over the years, the hotel has been expanded and renovated. Today the hotel is a first class hotel with 141 rooms, please see the newspaper from 1949 outside the small lobby. The original building remains in the current complex just next to that.

Mr. Sedwallsson established himself in Älvdalen as a merchant. He is well known by organizing the transport of the sarcophagus ordered at Älvdalen’s Porphyry, for the burial of King Karl XIV Johan in 1844.

The most well-known innkeeper was Julius Blomberg, father of Captain Carl Hugo Blomberg, who served with the US Navy in the Spanish American War of 1898.

Artist Anders Zorn and his wife Emma, ​​with friends such as Carl Larsson, Selma Lagerlöf, Prince Eugene and August Strindberg, Erik Axel Karlfeldt, Albert Engström and Bruno were often guests at Mora Hotell.

Photo: Mora bygdearkiv


How to arrive

Mora hotell

Here you can see a map of the local area around the hotel, with some interesting locations marked. Don't hesitate to ask us, if you need help finding your way.

0m To the city
1 min To the train
200m Zornmuseum
300m Vasalopp finish line
10,6km Dalahästar Nusnäs
17,6km Tomteland